May 20, 2024

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Australia – Starting from May 20, 2024, ILSC and Greystone College Australia are enhancing their student support services by partnering with Sonder. This collaboration will provide students with 24/7 access to expert medical, safety, and mental health support through Sonder’s robust digital platform.

The Sonder app will allow ILSC and Greystone College’s diverse international students to easily access support in their own language, ensuring their well-being throughout their studies.

Peter Burheim, COO and Co-Founder of Sonder shared that, “International students face a number of challenges, including navigating a new healthcare system, feeling safe without their familiar support network, and managing their mental wellbeing while starting new studies. We're proud to partner with ILSC to provide their international students with comprehensive support for their medical, safety, and mental health needs.”

Catherine Hamilton, National Coordinator, Student & Community Outreach added, “students will continue to have access to our on-campus support which remains key to ensuring excellent student experiences. However, we’re delighted to enhance our student services with the Sonder App. Sonder provides our students with expanded touchpoints and add tailored and timely expertise from a range of medical, wellness, and safety professionals.”

Through the Sonder App, ILSC and Greystone College students will be able to take advantage of a variety of features, from telehealth and clinical support to assistance for medical and mental health challenges, and even safety support like alerts about natural disasters and check in calls when students feel unsafe walking home at night. As Burheim highlights, “Through our platform, students can now seek support 24/7 in their native language. This easy access to care will hopefully encourage more students to seek help and make their experience in Australia more enjoyable.”

While Sonder is partnered with some of Australia’s top universities, ILSC and Greystone College are among the first ELICOS schools and VET providers to offer this service.

Learn more about the Sonder app.