Job Location: 

ILSC-San Francisco is seeking an Academic & University Pathways Program Coordinator to provide direction and support to the teachers and students, within the framework of the larger ILSC community. Some travel may be required, but is not expected to exceed 5 days per year. We are looking for someone with the following characteristics:


  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Initiative and desire for program and departmental growth
  • Collaborative, cooperative mindset balanced with the ability to function independently
  • Patience, energy and creativity!
Job Duties: 

This function will include the following areas of responsibility:


Program Management


  • Work closely with the Director in opening classes and making teacher assignments on a monthly basis
  • Facilitate communication between University Pathways students and alumni, agents, university partners and marketers
  • In collaboration with the Curriculum Specialist, revise and develop as needed the existing documentation on all courses to align with the ILSC Global curriculum
  • Communicate regularly with, and take direction from, the Director about all aspects of the program delivery
  • Liaise with the Marketing Director, Marketing Team and Cultural Coordinators to determine directions for & provide information about the Academic and University Pathways program according to students’ needs and goals
  • Hold teacher meetings and participate in other meetings as required
  • Maintain good working and interpersonal relations with all staff
  • Provide a monthly report to the Director by the first Friday of each session about the program’s progress including copies of all teacher evaluation reports and outline of plans and direction for the next month.
  • Organize weekly orientations for new students
  • Organize University Pathway events, on and off-campus
  • Identify and participate in opportunities for professional development (including conferences, webinars, etc)


Teacher Support


  • In collaboration with the director, determine the staffing needs for each session, including hiring, training and lay-offs in accordance with school policy
  • Hire and orient new teachers as needed; maintain a current list of qualified teachers and substitutes
  • Maintain up-to-date accurate personnel-related records of teaching staff including timesheets, seniority, change of status, etc.
  • Conduct teacher observations and performance evaluations
  • Provide ongoing support and counselling to teachers in the areas of curriculum, methodology, and class management
  • Determine professional development needs regarding specific strategies related to the program
  • Ensure completion of paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Develop and maintain good working and interpersonal relations with staff.


Learner Support


  • Support students through academic counselling (including course selection, changing of class levels, university application process, and long-term student counseling).
  • Participate in intake procedures, interviewing and placing new students in classes.
  • Allocate and place students in classes using ILSC’s database, Odyssey.
  • Review and evaluate all student evaluation tools (learner evaluations, SPR’s, monthly tests).
  • Oversee all level exams, exit exams and proficiency exams.
  • Monitor student progress and attendance to ensure systematic implementation of Student Academic Progress Policy.
  • Liaise with counsellors and teachers regarding student concerns.
  • Track University Pathway program progress for students and alumni.


Position schedule:

  • Training: June 19, 2017-July 14, 2017 (paid). Approximately 10 hours/week, flexible schedule.
  • Start date: July 17, 2017
  • Schedule: 28 hours/week (flexible schedule). Can be combined with other Administrative or teaching duties for a full-time position (up to 37.5 hours/week)

****Hours will increase as the program grown in size. 

Contact Information: 

To apply, review the ILSC website to better familiarize yourself with our programs. Then submit your cover letter and resume to jeannie.buso[at]ilsc[dot]com

Deadline to apply: Tuesday, May 30

Interviews: Starting Wednesday, May 31

In your cover letter, address the following challenge:

ILSC-San Francisco’s mission is to provide transformative life and learning experiences to all of its stakeholders. However, because our campus is small, mixed-level classrooms are common. As the Academic Program Coordinator, how would you address this challenge and support your teachers and students to realize our mission statement?



Additional Information: 

ILSC’s Core Values

We collaborate & learn: The ILSC community collaborates together and learns from one another, both locally and globally.

We inspire & transform: We deliver academic excellence, we inspire growth and we transform lives.

We respect & celebrate: We respect one another and celebrate our diversity, creativity and a job well done.