Job Location: 

We are seeking an Academic Director to join our Academic team at ILSC-New Delhi, sharing our goal of creating a transformational learning environment for students and instructors. Operating in a dynamic work environment, this role manages a team of teachers and works closely with them to ensure our students have a transformative learning experience.  


Job Duties: 




  1. To oversee academic offerings at the school, and to develop academic programs; to assist in devising new academic programs if required
  2. To assist in the promotion and refinement of corporate language training programs
  3. To assist and support the expansion of Teaching Training programs such as TESOL, TESOL-Biz, TYL and the Practicum portion of the ILSC-Montreal’s Online CELTA
  4. To teach Teacher Training programs in whole or in part, and to teach other classes or subbing as required
  5. To coordinate with ILSC’s global academic team in order to ensure curriculum and assessments are standardized and documentation is up-to-date
  6. To assist and support the Director in planning sessions and setting academic policy
  7. To counsel and advise potential and current students on academic programs and general academic problem-solving
  8. To coordinate orientations with new students, including written assessments and speaking interviews both in person and online
  9. To coordinate or assist in the coordination of important academic CSR initiatives such as the Learn To Earn program, including assistance with reports
  10. To participate in school activities on occasion, such as guided tours of India and local CSR initiatives
  11. To coordinate a professional development strategy for teaching faculty including academic workshops and other related initiatives


Administrative/HR Functions:

  1. To manage and support ILSC’s teaching staff, which may include aspects of probationary and annual reviews, observations and performance improvement plans for teachers in coordination with the Director
  2. To recruit, hire and train new teaching staff or assist with the same, including conducting interviews, new teacher on-boarding and support, in coordination with the Director
  3. To conduct faculty meetings in coordination with professional development plan
  4. To oversee academic administration duties such working with the computer database, related academic resources online, checking teacher time sheets and conveyance allowances, arranging subs, producing reports, etc.
  5. To oversee all aspects of academic related materials and equipment, including inventories and working with the Director on identifying materials and resource needs for procurement
  6. To assist in overall operations of the school particularly in the Director’s absence, which would include requesting planned leave periods during the times when the Director is present in the school


Networking, Sales and Marketing:

  1. To assist the Director on occasion in establishing relationships with organizations for the purpose of business expansion, which may include participating in networking events outside of typical work hours or some possible business travel
  2. To assist the director and other staff members in setting up local marketing campaigns, which may include education fairs and similar initiatives
  3. To occasionally assist our marketing, business app and graphic design teams in updating our outside-facing documents



  1. To demonstrate a thorough understanding of best practices in the academic field of language studies
  2. To adhere to the philosophy and procedures of ILSC, including maintenance of various manuals and support documents related to it; actively participating in meetings and training sessions; and actively familiarizing oneself with the high academic standards of ILSC
  3. To consistently conduct oneself in a professional manner. A warm, friendly and supportive approach towards the stakeholders of ILSC is needed so that all made to feel cared for and welcomed.
  4. The treatment of all potential conflict situations in a fair, understanding and empathetic way
  5. The maintenance of a safe, tidy and organized work area
  6. The implementation of ILSC procedures, decisions, events and activities
Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes: 

1. Educational qualifications:

Minimum requirement: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in a relevant field + recognized TESOL, CELTA or Trinity College teaching certificate or equivalent;

Preferred: Master’s Degree + DELTA, TESOL Standard 2, or equivalent (required for Teacher Training components)


2. Work experience qualifications:

Minimum requirement: 5 years of experience working for a private school, training company or equivalent, including a minimum of approximately of 2,500 in-class hours

Preferred: A mix of academic, administrative and managerial experience with 10,000 in-class hours or more


3. Key Skills

  • Teaching English as a Second Language to adults
  • Curriculum development
  • Academic specializations are a plus, such as special skills in teaching pronunciation/phonology, exam preparation, English for Academic Purposes, one-to-one tutoring techniques
  • Fluency in English and excellent communication skills in all aspects of the language
  • Teaching or language skills in French or Hindi; other language skills also a plus
  • Experience having learnt another language in a foreign environment
  • Solid computer skills and willingness to develop them further, familiarity with typical programs like Microsoft Office; knowledge of ILSC’s Odyssey database system also a plus
  • Strong customer-service experience
  • Business administration experience, including management or supervision of staff


4. Other General Skills

  • Adheres to an appropriate set of core values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours
  • Able to maintain composure and professional decorum at all times
  • Able to communicate precisely, confidently and effectively, spoken and written
  • Has a strong tolerance for stress, cool under pressure
  • Has a flexible, adaptable attitude which tolerates ambiguity
  • Has strategic, problem-solving ability
  • Able to manage vision and purpose, time and systems
  • Able to develop team spirit
  • Able to plan, organize, set priorities
  • Able to make quality decisions on a timely basis
  • Able to multi-task
  • Demonstrates effective and varied presentation skills
  • Patient, empathetic and approachable
  • Reliable, honest, trustworthy, and creative
  • Has career ambition, committed to active self-improvement
Contact Information: 

Please submit resume and cover letter to Mark Branov (Director, ILSC New Delhi) via email to: mark.branov[at]ilsc[dot]in

Additional Information: 

Academic Director reports to and takes direction from: Director


Regular time commitment: Monday to Friday from 8:30h-17:00 standard with occasional short shifts on Saturdays and other timings as needed; 12 paid holidays per year and 6 paid sick days,

Minimum contract commitment: 1 calendar year, renewable thereafter

Competitive Remuneration and Compensation Package commensurate with experience and local standards

Housing accommodation and basic services provided, including electricity, water, internet, mobile phone

ILSC’s Core Values

At ILSC Education Group,

  • We collaborate & learn: The ILSC community collaborates together and learns from one another, both locally and globally.  
  • We inspire & transform: We deliver academic excellence, inspire growth and transform lives.
  • We respect & celebrate: We respect one another and celebrate our diversity, creativity and a job well done.