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Meet Paul Zysman: ILSC Founder, Leader and Visionary

Meet Paul Zysman: ILSC Founder, Leader and Visionary

In 1991, Paul Zysman founded the International Language School of Canada in downtown Vancouver. From its humble beginnings, ILSC was originally a one-room language school where Paul acted as teacher, marketer student advisor – and everything in between. The school may have started small, but the vision was always big: learn a language by living

New Year, New You: 5 ways to start 2018 off right

Farewell 2017 and hello 2018 – it’s time for bigger and better things. You know what they say: an ending is just a beginning somewhere else. The start of a new year is the perfect time for millions of people to turn the page and start fresh. Whether it’s going to the gym more, connecting

How can traveling help in developing a person’s character and personality?

ILSC-New Delhi’s Free English On the Road Contest winning entry. Contributed by Kanako Imamoto Traveling gives us a chance to do some new things, and the possibility to get new knowledge, experiences by visiting new places. It’s an opportunity to change our way of thinking, lifestyle, and developing a person’s character and personality. I think there