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“Go Leafs, go!” A Brazillian perception about a Canadian sport

Contributed by Estevão Rinaldi, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Student It wasn’t necessary to spend too much time in Canada to understand the meaning hockey has to most people all over the country. For a Brazillian guy like me, it becomes imposible not to draw an analogy to the importance soccer receives in my country, which is known

Guide to Kensington Market

Contrubuted by Ai Isomae, Journalism student at ILSC-Toronto   Kensington Market is such a famous area in Toronto that every guidebook has its information. It is located in downtown, north-west of China Town. This area is multicultural and there are many stores, shops, cafes, bakeries, and art. All stores are independent and there are no franchises

ILSC Toronto Activities June/July 2011

Submitted by Carolina Hernandez, Journalism Student, ILSC Toronto Here are some of the upcoming events this summer at ILSC-Toronto. The list is followed by more detailed explanations. JUNE 21: Welcome Meet & Greet Seminar 22/27: Neighbourhood tour 22: Harbourfront tour 23: Chinatown tour 23: Madison Pub 24: CN Tower 27: Toronto Island (and July 5/11)