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Which Canadian City is Right For You?

Which Canadian City is Right For You?

At ILSC, it’s all about you. Your educational goals, your interests, and your experience. A location can really make or break your learning adventure, and with so many cities with so much to offer, it can be hard to make a choice. Canada is a country known for its diversity, positivity, and friendliness but its

#TheFastFive Reasons to go to Greystone College

You’ve made the life changing decision to travel to a new country and embark on the journey of learning the English or French language. You’ve experienced wonderful language training, made international friends and had qualified instructors. The big day comes and you receive your certificate of completion and the question arises – now what? For

“It changed my life in many ways” – Gonzalo’s Story

  The Start of It All It was the beginning of April 2016 in Santiago, Chile when finally, the time had arrived. A radical change in my life was starting in a few days. I quit an excellent job, and I had decided to be far from my family, friends and my comfort zone to

Olive et Gourmando

Texte écrit par Robin, Susanne, Manuel  et Manuela de la classe DELF B2 à ILSC Montréal L’école se trouve dans  un des plus jolis quartiers de Montréal, la vieille ville. Son architecture, à l’air européen, conserve la culture et l’histoire de la Nouvelle France. Pas loin est situé « Olive et Gourmando », un petit bistro qui

Authentic Food: The Real Thing vs Pale Imitation

Contributed by Preeyaphat Sriamontham, Journalism Student, ILSC Toronto Have you ever had Mexican food or just Taco bell? Italian Pizza or just Pizza Pizza? When you study in a foreign country, you like to take pictures and see the attractions of local history. Besides culture and ways of living, cuisine is not to be missed


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