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#TheFastFive Best Winter Activities in Montréal

#TheFastFive Best Winter Activities in Montréal

It’s no secret that every winter, the temperature in Montréal gets colder, the sweaters get thicker, and the drinks get warmer. But, thankfully as the temperature gets cooler, so do the events around the city.  There’s something about Montreal in the winter that turns everything into a special holiday experience, which is why we’ve rounded

Taking a look back: #myILSC 2017 Instagram Contest

  During the course of the four weeks from July 17th to August 11th, ILSC held an amazing Instagram contest. Each week had a different theme represented by the ILSC acronym and students posted photos and videos that related to the theme. The themes were Interests, Location, Studies, and Community. Each week a $100 prepaid

Paris Overview: Photocredit Flickr User Moyan Brenn

3 Ways to Practice your French in San Francisco

Contributed by Nadine Baladi, Director, ILSC-San Francisco Edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco Moving to San Francisco from Montreal wasn’t difficult. San Francisco offers quantum amounts of the music, art, food and cultural diversity that Montreal offers, but with better weather. After 6 months in San Francisco I had stumbled upon Spanish, Italian, Chinese,