Language Learning articles

ILSC Awarded ESL Certificate of Excellence for the Second Time

  For the second year in a row, we are very excited to be awarded the ESL Certificate of Excellence at each of our three Canadian locations. This certificate rewards partner schools that provide a high-quality service. The students’ opinion is the main criteria to assign the certificates. In October, the student feedback was collected

Building Bridges: Sammi’s Story

Each year, ILSC Language Schools welcome over 250 students into our ESL High School Bridge Program. ILSC’s ESL High School Bridge Program provides specially designed English curriculum for young learners aged 13-17. The program also offers a great first step for students wanting to improve their English language skills before entering a Canadian secondary or high school, setting

Arvo, Brolly, and Cuppa: The ABC’s of Australian Lingo

Whether you are studying English in the beautiful city of Brisbane, magnificent Melbourne, or stunning Sydney, you will hear some words that cannot be found on Google Translate. It turns out that Australian English is more than just an accent and as a result, Aussie English can be confusing at first. The term for Australian