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#TheFastFive Unique Courses at ILSC

#TheFastFive Unique Courses at ILSC

If diversity is the spice of life, then the course and program options at ILSC really bring the heat! With over 130 options to choose from, ILSC ensures that you can not only learn English but in ways and topics that you personally find interesting. We understand that every student that walks through our doors

Learn French at ILSC: Easy as Un, Deux, Trois!

French is commonly called the language of romance and love. A beautiful and elegant language, the title as a “Romance language” actually comes not from its seductive sound, but from its origins in the Roman Empire!  Used in many different countries worldwide, learning French will open up many opportunities for you globally for jobs, travel,

MyILSCapp: Education in Your Hands

As you know, these days you can do just about anything on your phone. Have food delivered right to your door, find someone to walk your dog, or even charter a private jet! (Where do we sign up?) So when it comes to your language learning journey with ILSC, we wanted to make sure you

#ILSCGIVES: Making a Difference

2018 has been a wonderful year for ILSC Education Group. Connecting the world through education continues to be filled with transformative learning, growth and success. We’d like to thank you all of our readers for your continued support and wish you a very happy and safe holiday! With that, here are some highlights in 2018,

Residence – Living It Up, Down Under

Australia is known internationally for many things: the countless beaches, exotic wildlife, and laid-back attitude, and we’re revealing one of its best-kept secrets– the amazing student residences. There is a lot to consider when studying abroad: what program should I take? Which city should I live in? What should I bring? But with the modern