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Three ways to experience India’s incredible culture

Three ways to experience India’s incredible culture

ILSC-New Delhi students are engulfed in India’s warm and friendly culture, so they can quickly overcome their inhibitions and transition into confident language learners and intrepid travelers by the end of their journey. The key to this growth is cultural immersion.

"I am glad that I am part of this superb ILSC family."

Rising Above Challenges

Rising above challenges truly defines the journey of students in our Learn to Earn Program, a language and life-skills training program for disadvantaged young women, offered at ILSC-New Delhi. The program was founded in New Delhi, India, in 2010, as part of ILSC’s mission to empower women through education. The idea began with the realization

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Opening opportunities for refugee communities in New York City

Contributed by Marialejandra Chuy Silva CSR, VEP, Local Communications & Activities Coordinator at ILSC-New York and Megan Johnson, Program Associate at Church World Service Jersey City. When I first started working for ILSC-New York as a Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, I remember a very ambitious project we had: finding refugees who we could offer English scholarships to. As oddly as it sounds, it