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Transferring into College or University is Easier than You Think!

Tariq Alghannam and Ryan Mokhtar are taking the University Pathway Program at ILSC.  Both students are from Saudi Arabia and plan to go to Douglas College, and later transfer into university to finish a Bachelor’s Degree.  We asked them some questions about their experience in the UP program and their future education plans. Why did

ILSC Global “Help Japan” Campaign Raises over $30,000 for Red Cross

As a global language school, ILSC teaches students from around the world, and Japanese students generally make up between 10-15% of the student body.  Being away from home during the earthquake and tsunami crisis has been a challenge for these students. Many of them have gone through the stress of wondering what is going on

ILSC Russian Website Now Live!

ILSC is pleased to inform everyone that our website is now available in the Russian language! You can visit us at: In addition, information about ILSC can be found in the Russian version of our brochure here: – – – Я рад сообщить Вам, что с сегодняшнего для сайт ILSC доступен и на