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Worried about the Winter Solstice?

Contributed By Aurelia Massara, ILSC-Toronto Student Sometimes when people think of December 21st, maybe they think, “OK! The winter starts here!” In this period, people walk on the street to find gifts or decorations for the Christmas tree, but this year is different. The date for this year’s winter solstice is the magic number 21.12.12. In

Blue Box Adventure

Translation by Martin Beutel and Enzo Guiggi, ILSC-Toronto students I love my mom. I used to live with her in an apartment in a city called Montreal. All kinds of people were passing by my window. They couldn’t see me because they were always busy. Sometimes, when they stopped close to my window, they would hold

Are Flight Attendants on Cloud Nine?

Contributed by Ivan Carlos Alves Ferreira, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Class Student Travelling almost every day, getting to know different countries and cultures around the world, eating different foods, and meeting new people are all a part of life as a flight attendant. But it’s not just about partying and jetting about: to become a flight attendant,

Authentic Food: The Real Thing vs Pale Imitation

Contributed by Preeyaphat Sriamontham, Journalism Student, ILSC Toronto Have you ever had Mexican food or just Taco bell? Italian Pizza or just Pizza Pizza? When you study in a foreign country, you like to take pictures and see the attractions of local history. Besides culture and ways of living, cuisine is not to be missed

To Tip or Not to Tip?

Edited by Mark Dallas, Journalism Teacher, ILSC-Toronto Canadians pay a tip (also known as a service charge) to restaurant servers, taxi drivers, hotel bellboys, chambermaids, bartenders and hair dressers. However, most Asians (and many other cultures) don’t tip in their countries. Why are we tipping even though we already pay the price of the product


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