Stimulating afternoon programs for Junior campers at UBC


ILSC is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with UBC Camps in 2017! As part of this collaboration, students enrolling in ILSC’s Junior Camps at the University of British Columbia will have the opportunity to choose from 36 week-long afternoon programs. UBC has also guaranteed a minimum of 50% Canadian students in each of these programs.

Here are seven highlights of our offerings:

1) LEGO Design

Age group: 10-11

Learn to code with LEGO bricks! This introduction to basic coding will help campers develop their ability to communicate ideas through project design and problem-solving. Campers will work with LEGO’s educational product line and Scratch programming software.

2) Storm the City

Age group: 11-14

What better way to enjoy the summer than to spend it outdoors? With off-campus activities like glow bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, and trips to Science World and the interactive BC Sports Museum and Hall of Fame, this program is sure to keep campers engaged all afternoon.

Visit museums and science centres, play laser tag, and much more in Storm the City

Visit museums and science centres, play laser tag, and much more in Storm the City

3) Junior Development Camp (Tennis)

Age group: 10-17

Learn the fundamentals of tennis and build your confidence in a fun camp environment. Campers will learn the technical skills of the various strokes in the game, the scoring system, and how to play matches.

4) Creative Writing

Age group: 13-15

This program will help campers develop their writing skills and create a portfolio of work. Classroom sessions will consist of and are not limited to: readings, free-writing opportunities, workshops, and spoken word.

Home your writing skills through the various activities in this program

Home your writing skills through the various activities in this program

5) Public Speaking and Debate

Age group: 15-17

Public speaking doesn’t have to be scary! Campers can practice their debate, writing, and public speaking skills in a fun and casual setting in this program. Through a combination of writing exercises, games, debate, presentations and guest speakers, they will learn the basics of argumentation, rebuttal, public speaking, news reporting, and speech writing.

6) Girls’ Time Teen Fitness and Girls’ Skills Camp

Age group: 13-17 and 12-16 respectively

These programs are open specifically to girls. The Teen Fitness program helps campers get acquainted with weight and cardio training, spinning, bouldering, yoga, and outdoor fitness. The Girls’ Skills Camp is for players looking to improve their skills and knowledge, to be better prepared for future school and club volleyball seasons.

7) Junior Leadership

Age group: 15-17

Redefine leadership in this personal development camp! Campers will discuss their own leadership styles, as well as learn about various coaching methods, develop interview skills, and work on healthy conflict resolution and goal-setting.

Interested in ILSC’s Junior Camp at UBC and the exciting afternoon programs? Learn more about our Camp here. Watch the video below to know more about our Junior Camp at UBC. 

The use of the University of British Columbia’s (UBC’s) name in this post is strictly for the purpose of identifying the location at which ILSC Education Group is delivering the program. ILSC Education Group has no affiliation with UBC and UBC is not involved in or responsible for the quality, suitability, delivery or other aspects of ILSC Education Group’s 2017 program in any way.



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