Exploring Vancouver with Junior Camps

Contributed by Anna Chiu, Activities and Homestay Coordinator, ILSC-Vancouver

Vancouver represents the heart of Beautiful British Columbia. ILSC’s Junior Camp takes our young adventurers to explore this amazing city, from must-see attractions to weekend day trips and outdoor adventures, to indoor excitement. Rain or shine, we have the best activities for everyone!

Be a part of incredible indoor and outdoor activities at the Junior Camp!

Must-See Places with the Junior Camp

Students spent an afternoon at one of the most popular (and one of the oldest) attractions in Vancouver – Capilano Suspension Bridge. Our students can proudly say that they’ve made it across the mighty bridge that is 140m long and 70m above the river! They also explored Stanley Park, named the top city park in the entire world. The best way to explore this park is to ride along the 9km long seawall with new friends!

The Juniors walking along Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Juniors exploring Capilano Suspension Bridge

Weekend Day Trips with the Junior Camp

Saturday is the best day to explore places outside of Vancouver. Our students spent a full day at one of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games sites – Whistler. It’s only 2 hours from Vancouver, with an amazing drive along the famous Sea to Sky Highway. They also got on the Peak 2 Peak gondola, which has broken a few world records – did you know it is the highest cable car in the world? On another Saturday, the Juniors went on an exciting marine safari exploring Howe Sound, spotting baby seals, capturing amazing views, and screaming A LOT!


The Juniors at Whistler, the host of the 2010 Olympic Games

Outdoor Adventures with the Junior Camp

When it’s summer in Vancouver, there’s no better place than the water. Our students got a kayaking lesson with awesome guides at Deep Cove Kayak! Beach days are another big part of our summer schedule, and our Junior Program students visit the most popular beaches. It’s a great time for playing volleyball or just soaking in the sun!

Juniors kayaking

Learning to kayak is a fun experience!

Indoor Excitement with the Junior Camp

Our students had tons of fun at the Extreme Air Park, Canada’s largest trampoline park! What’s the coolest way to play dodgeball with your friends? How about playing dodgeball on trampolines!

Dodgeball on trampolines, now that's something to cross off your bucket list!

Dodgeball on trampolines, now that’s something to cross off your bucket list!

We cannot possibly cover everything our program has to offer, so we invite you to come see for yourself and experience it all in our 2017 Junior Programs! We can’t wait to see you this summer in Vancouver!

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