Discovering San Francisco with Juniors

Contributed by Adena Ramos, Activities Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco


“San Francisco is poetry. Even the hills rhyme.” – Pat Montandon

A mosaic of colorful, distinctive neighborhoods, San Francisco is a city of rich cultural diversity. Within this seven-by-seven-mile metropolis, you’ll find ethnic regions such as the Mission District, leafy parks like the Presidio and Golden Gate, breathtaking views of the blue Pacific Ocean, and cable cars whizzing down the steep city hills. San Francisco’s hip, eclectic flair is sure to bring you to life!

Summer is a great time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Summer is a great time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Here in San Francisco, we provide our Junior Camp students a wholesome experience by immersing them in English language and American culture. After their morning classes, we take our students to explore all parts of this beautiful city. They participate in diverse activities that range from biking along the Golden Gate Bridge, volunteering at the SF Food Bank to give back to the community, visiting world-renowned tech companies such as Apple and Google, getting intellectually inspired by top-ranked universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley, as well as being exposed to Bay Area’s unique arts, music, cuisine, museums, and architecture.

Juniors exploring their vibrant neighbourhood

Juniors exploring their vibrant neighbourhood

Luckily for us, we’ve had one special Activities Leader who has been involved in our Junior Program for the past FIVE years! Stas Subbotin, 19 years old from Russia, started as a junior student in the youth program, who returned and participated in our Leader in Training program. Year by year, he has learned leadership skills and gained confidence in language and cultural mediation. Now, he is an Activities Leader, coordinating the Junior English students on his own!

Here is what Stas has to say about his experience:

For the last five summers, I’ve gone to ILSC-San Francisco. Thanks to ILSC, I have a friend on practically every continent and part of the world! I was so excited because I love this city and I am so familiar with the school and the staff, who have definitely become my family over the years.

The youth summer program in SF gives teenagers a perfect opportunity not only to improve their English and learn more about the American way of life, but most importantly, it allows young people from all over the world to speak the same language, to spend time together, and to become REAL friends. All the staff at ILSC SF does their best to make each summer unforgettable for every student.

For me personally, the youth summer program helped me to overcome my shyness and to develop a lot of useful qualities for my future life. This was my fifth summer at ILSC SF and I can confidently say that the Junior Programs are the best way to spend your vacation when you are young and ready for new experiences and incredible memories.”

Biking is the best way to explore beautiful San Francisco

Biking is the best way to explore beautiful San Francisco

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