How learning English is helping me achieve my dreams!

Contributed by Sébastien Wagnières, student at ILSC-Toronto.


With my ILSC-Toronto friends at Orchestra Toronto (I’m in the centre)

I decided to organize a language stay to improve my English for my future.  I believe in today’s world, it is really important to have skills in a language other than your own and also it is important to live a new experience. ILSC-Toronto is not only about going to classes and learning, it also gives you the opportunity to meet so many people of different age groups, countries and cultures. ILSC was a great place for me to make new friends, including the staff who always treated me so well.

This was the first time I lived in a homestay and I didn’t regret my choice because I met wonderful people and couldn’t thank them enough for everything they did for me. I have built incredible memories, inside and outside the school.

Achieving my dreams 

I’m a musician, a trumpet player, but mainly a conductor. I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Apprentice Conductor Program in a symphony orchestra: Orchestra Toronto, where I was granted the honor of conducting “Lord Of The Dance” an Irish Musical, thus fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams. You can watch my live performance here:

This opportunity was something really special to me because I had some of my ILSC friends supporting me all the way! My goal is to perform with a symphony orchestra in Switzerland and to play around the world. With the English skills I now have, I truly believe these dreams are now achievable.

In conclusion, I would like to say, if you’re given the opportunity to travel and to learn another language, no matter your level, ILSC-Toronto is your best option! You not only will be given the opportunity to improve your English, but also the chance to turn your biggest passion into a reality. Don’t hesitate for even one second!

Sébastien Wagnières



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