Joao Rego: Life Outside of My Home Country

Contributed by Joao Rego, former ILSC-Toronto University Pathway student. 


One of our former ILSC-Toronto students, Joao Rego from Brazil, shared his experience completing the University Pathway Program, going on to study at college, and then finding career success with ScotiaBank in Toronto.

Find out what he had to say about studying abroad and his ILSC experience:

Why did you choose to take the University Pathway Program at ILSC?

I choose the University Pathway Program at ILSC because it was the best option available to get into the program I was interested in at George Brown College without having to do a proficiency test in English. Also, it gave me time to explore Toronto and prepare myself for the challenges that I would have to face during my college days.

What made you decide to study in a foreign country?

The opportunity to learn more about other cultures while I was working to improve my language skills. In addition, the experience of learn English and experience it in my day-to-day seemed very valuable for my personal and professional life.

How did the UPath Program prepare you for College or University in Canada?

It gave me the confidence to face college life, from interacting with my classmates to working on projects and studying for my exams.  All the material from the program helped me to be well prepared to experience an academic life in English and, going forward, to start my professional life in Canada.

While I was studying at ILSC my plans were basically to improve my English skills to get into the post-graduated program I was interested in and experience life out of my home country. Based on that, the time I spent at ILSC helped me to improve my English as well as giving me a good overview of what would be my future challenges at college. In addition, the opportunity to make friends from many different cultures around the world also made my experience very rewarding and pleasant.

I would extremely recommend the program to other students, not only as a gateway to a specific college or university they are targeting, but also as an opportunity to explore Canada and have a unique experience as an ESL student in Toronto. Something that just taking a English proficiency test cannot present to you.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience?

The pathway that I took from my days at ILSC until today was not easy and required a lot of hard work and persistence, but at the same time, it was also very rewarding and it made me become much more mature and focused on my future. I had many good experiences here, not only on my professional life but on my personal life as well. Finally, Canada has been an amazing country for me and I hope that many of your future students will have similar experiences too.



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