Student Stories: Minghao Zhang shares his experience at ILSC-Vancouver

Contributed by Minghao Zhang, student from ILSC-Vancouver 


English was a difficult thing for me before I came to Vancouver. In China, rote learning is normal for students. We, English learners, have to memorize everything, finish tough exams and hard assignments and there is no fun in the classes at all. Whereas, everything changed when I attended ILSC in January 2015.

My understanding of English was at level I3 at first, but with the help of teachers, I finished my level A2 in April. I met so many amazing teachers during these 4 sessions, such as Sonja, Shawn, Polly, Laura, Joanna, Celestino and so on. They helped my a lot not only on my study, but also my individual life.

Compared to Chinese teaching styles, studying here was more interesting and relaxing. Everything relating to the topic can be spoken frankly in the class and all the teachers encourage students to speak their thoughts loudly. I’ve studied in University Pathway Program about 4 months, which is really helpful for my English study.

After I graduated from University Pathway Program, I chose to study for Social Media Certificate. There are lots of certificates we can choose if we are not in a hurry for university or have already passed. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about what to do after each program. I applied for Hospitality Management at VCC last December, so I’m going to study there in June this year.

The environment around school is pretty nice because it is located downtown. There are international counsellors from all over the world, if we have problems, we can talk about everything to them in our own language. So you don’t feel alone here, you will get support and help from everyone. I feel grateful to meet so many great teachers, students, counsellors from all around the world to improve my English. Overall, ILSC would be the best choice for international students to study English and try different lifestyles.

Minghao Zhang




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