My G20 Experience with ILSC-Brisbane

Contributed by Franciele Spinelli, student at ILSC-Brisbane

with goverment people

Franciele (left) with Government representatives

Although many people believe that the G20 was a waste of time and also that it brought a lot trouble to the city, it was an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange in many ways.

Luckily, I was given the chance to be part of this cultural sharing, which happened through volunteering. First of all, I have to highlight that even though the G20 lasted only a weekend for most people, it lasted for more than three weeks for some of the volunteers.

Throughout this period, we were asked to perform several tasks in many different areas. Our main goal was to interact with people and show them the purpose of the activities happening around Brisbane. I have to be honest, it was amazing! We had so much fun, we met so many interesting people and we helped not only foreigners but also Australian citizens.

It was incredible, we could even guide locals around their own city! The best part was certainly their surprised faces and their gratitude towards our effort. We saw so many people enjoying the events, but we had more fun than anybody else!  Light shows, concerts, dancing classes, parties, games and barbecues occurred and many teams of volunteers were required to help.

With mates! 1

The team of ILSC-Brisbane G20 volunteers

Besides performing the activities that the other volunteers were responsible for, I was challenged to coordinate them. That is, I was responsible for groups of volunteers, and I had to allocate them to jobs, and brief them about what their job was going to be. The work went perfectly well due to the fact that everybody engaged and was also willing to be helpful and friendly.

I am really glad as it was a learning period in which I made several friends and I certainly grew as a person and as a professional from this wonderful experience!

With ILSC volunteer team! 2

The volunteering team enjoying Brisbane by night




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