Dear ILSC: Thank you for being what you are

Contributed by Yunosuke Suzuki, student at ILSC-Sydney 

Yunosuka at Grad

At graduation with my CAE teachers, Craig (left) and Irma (right)

Dear ILSC,

You know, time flies.

Winter has already arrived again. As said by everyone, time never seems to wait for us – it always leaves us behind.

On the 11th of July 2014, after 52 weeks of my school life, with tons of unforgettable memories, I FINALLY graduated from what I’d call “my school”, ILSC.

It’s got to be just a miracle that I can now communicate with people I could’t even talk to a year ago. Having started at B3 level, I eventually ended up in A1, which before my arrival in Australia would have seemed completely impossible to reach (must have been luck, LOL!) I also had one of the biggest challenges ever as a student… To see how much my English has improved after a year of studying and how far I could push myself, I took the Cambridge CAE exam. It was indeed, not an easy test at all for me. To my great delight, however, I passed it!! Well…Bob’s your uncle!

Yunosuke and friends

Having dinner with my friends (I’m the far left)

Of course, it was definitely because of all the brilliant teachers (Jen Hatcher, Craig Titchener, and Irma), and all the other crazy students that led me to such a satisfying result on my last day at ILSC. Not only did they teach me how to write and read in English, but on top of all, how to “enjoy English” as well. Yes, surrounded by these beautiful people, I’ve never been fed up with studying. Without them, my school life wouldn’t have been this treasurable for sure.

Ship in background

My friends and I (far left) participating in ILSC-Sydney’s CSR activity with the Red Cross at the Opera House 

Time does fly, with no permission from anyone. What a bad boy it is. It feels as if the day I entered the school was just yesterday. This one year was quite short, but very long, and it has meant so much to me. Thinking that I was in this school for donkeys years, I am pretty sure I was about to become a staff at ILSC, haha! I’m really proud to say my school days were literally full of excitement, discoveries, craziness, and deliciousness of language. Studying abroad in Australia is absolutely one of my most cherishable memories that I am going to be talking about for the rest of my life.

Class shot

With my classmates at our “Contemporary Art Exhibition”

Now…I shall skedaddle from studying for while (yet, I’ll surely keep on living with English). I’ll never forget what I’ve gone through here. I’m just so grateful to have been in this great school.  Thank you ILSC, for being what you are! Cheers mate.






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