Discover Amazing Sydney: ILSC’s “English through Sydney Course”

Luciano, on Cockatoo Island in an old Industrial Building

English through Sydney student, Luciano, on Cockatoo Island in an old Industrial Building

ILSC-Sydney is offering an exciting new course that takes language learning out of the classroom and offers students a chance to discover the hidden gems and unique neighbourhoods of the amazing city of Sydney, all while developing and improving their English skills.

A couple of ILSC students, Luciano Bicalho, and Gabriela Conti Figueriredo, both from Brazil, share some insights into some of the fun places they’ve visited as part of the English through Sydney course:


Gabriela: One of the most artistic and vibrant neighbourhoods in Sydney, Surry Hills was our destination last week with the English Thru Sydney class. Starting on Crown St., we could see where all the buzz was, including some nice bars, coffee places and restaurants. Over there it is possible to see also many stores, small galleries and boutiques that show clothes from many fashion designers.

Luciano: Surry Hills is a very pleasant neighbourhood surrounded by charming houses, small coffee shops, art galleries friendly and young dwellers.

This neighbourhood is unique and walking around the streets is always a pleasure. In each block, we were surprised by curious places, like one shop, ‘Holy Kitsch’, which specialized in kitsch objects and another, a fancy (and expensive) grocery store. I can’t forget to refer to the trademark of Surry Hills- two levels of charming English-inspired houses. Simply fantastic!

Oxford St. Mardi Gras Pride Parade - Photo Credit, student Sara Soto Velez

Oxford St. Mardi Gras Pride – Photo, Sara Soto Velez


Gabriela: We went to Oxford Street where, on Saturday 2th March, there was the Mardi Gras, the LGBT pride parade. Clubs, video stores, karaoke and pubs like the Colombian Hotel …everything there is gay friendly.

Luciano: Our last destination was the decadent and somewhat picturesque Oxford Street. That day, the street was crowded and decorated for the Mardi Gras parade. Oxford Street is recognized as a happy and busy location for both gay and straight people.



Single Origin Coffee Roasters - Photo, Luisa Steiger

Single Origin Coffee Roasters – Photo, Luisa Steiger

Luciano: Drinking coffee in Sydney is much more than a habit, it’s almost a religion. Fancy coffee shops, famous baristas and exigent customers make up a sunny Surry Hills urban lifestyle. One of the most important cafes, ‘Single Origin Roasters’, is located on Reservoir Street and attracts a large amount of passionate coffee lovers every day. In fact, all these people are undoubtedly pleased and they come back several times to this place of notorious importance.

Our visit to Single Origin Roasters was full of joy and taste. The waiter kept an informal atmosphere that gave is the first impression they love to work in this place. We didn’t have to wait for too long, and quickly, the order was on the table in a perfect and tasteful way. I’m not a coffee expert, but I can say that was a very nice place to drink coffee.


Gabriela: Another hightlight is the store ‘Holy Kitsch!’- that is really unique. They sell handmade and retro gifts and souvenirs inspired on Mexico’s culture, such as the Dia de Los Muerto (Day of the Dead). There is the same store in Newtown, another destination from our class this week.

Book shop in Surry Hills - Photo, Luisa Steiger

Book shop in Surry Hills – Photo, Luisa Steiger


Gabriela: Essentially weird, Newtown gets your attention because of its creative and unique style, full of different store names and all kinds of people. In Newtown, they have really nice coffee places too, including ‘Black Star Pastry’ on Australia Street, really near the Courthouse. At night, it’s possible to enjoy the nightlife at the pubs, where they normally have crab races.

This is just a snapshot of some of the cool things you might experience in the English through Sydney Course.  If you’re studying in Sydney, why not sign up?





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