Love to Death – A Radio Play

Here is a radio play written by Haruka, So Hyun, Sultan, Henry, and Rie from ILSC-Vancouver’s Creative English Class.

Characters: Police Line 







(Music up and fades)

Announcer: Galaxy X proudly presents Bloody Victims, a series of suspenseful tales for students who don’t want to study…at night.  Today’s episode is…“Love to Death” by Haruka, So Hyun, Sultan, Henry, and Rie. “Love to Death” is a sinister tale about battle for love. Two newly married couples have trouble in their lives in these modern days.  One day, Mr. Benz and Mrs. Gucci, who live without joy in their marriages, meet in the market and fall in love.  But, is it true love?  Will the story have a happy ending, or will it all ends in disaster?  Listen up and listen close to “Love to Death” by Haruka, So Hyun, Henry, Sultan, and Rie.

(Music up and fades)

Gucci: Why are you always busy, Helmes?

Helmes: Hey, Gucci. Do not mention it. I am going to be a manager in the company.  I am pretty sure that I will have many things to do.  Can you understand me?

Gucci: Listen up and listen close.  I know, but I hope that you can spend more time with me.  I feel so bored when I stay at home alone.

Helmes: This is not common.  I am just very busy during this period.  After that, I will have time with you and we can go travelling wherever you want.

Gucci: You always say things like that.  However, one year has passed and you are still busy.  I wonder if you do not love me.

(Music up and fades)

Coach: I don’t feel like cleaning. Benz, can you please clean the house?  I just want to go shopping.  Can you drop me off?

Benz: Sorry, Coach.  I have a meeting.  I don’t have enough time.  Are you going out?  I am really in a hurry.  Can you call a taxi?  Sorry, Coach.

Coach: You always find excuses to run from responsibilities, don’t you?

Benz: Darling, please understand me.  I don’t want to be late for the meeting.

Coach: All of my friends are very lucky.  Their husbands drive them everywhere, and help them in the house all of them except for me.  I guess I am so unfortunate, right?

Benz: I also deserve the right to take a rest.

Coach: I thought we were one group and one body.  We need to help each other, don’t we?

Benz: Excuse me, I have to go now.  How about talking about it later?  By the way, what time are you going to come back?

Coach: You are so stupid. When will you be able to understand my feelings?

Benz: Calm down Coach.  We always argue about it every day?  See you.

(Music up and fades)

Gucci (Singing nasally): It’s a fine day today.  I have never organized such an interesting family affair at one time.  I want to meet Mr. Benz now.  What is he doing? (Thinks) I will call him right now.

(Phone rings, Music up and fades)

Gucci: Hello Benz.  How are you?

Benz: Hi Gucci.  I am always thinking of you.  What are you doing?

Gucci: So am I.  I am taking a rest after cleaning the house.

Benz: What are you going to do tonight?  If you have a time, would you like to go to the movie called “The Homicide with Pistols and Daggers” with me?

Gucci: Good idea.  My husband called me.  Fortunately, he will be late tonight.  What time are we going to meet?

Benz: How about at 7:00 in front of your house?

Gucci: Good.  See you.

(Music up and fades)

Helmes: (Car driving) Today is so nice a day.  Is that Gucci?  Why is she here?  Furthermore, there’s a man beside her.  Shoot!  I can’t believe my eyes.  That man is holding her hand.  No, it’s not true.  Gucci dares betray me to find other man.  She doesn’t love me anymore.  Even though I take care of her kindly, she is doing such thing.  I can’t forgive her.  I can’t let it go.  I must do something.  I will get payback.

(Music up and fades)

Helmes (Thinking): What are they thinking about now?  I can’t understand this situation.  Why did they walk along Robson Street together holding hands?  It is time I taught him a lesson!

(Door opens, Kitchen knife chopping, Music up and fades)

Gucci: Hello, Helmes.

CoupleHelmes: Hello, Gucci.  I need to speak to you.

Gucci: What is up?  Why are you so serious?

Helmes: A few days ago, I witnessed that you and Benz were walking along Robson Street holding hands. What were you doing with him?  Can you explain that?  I don’t think you can!

Gucci: ……………

Helmes: Holy crap!  I will not let an insult like that slide!  I will tear him apart!

Gucci: Wait!  Wait!  You’ve got it wrong

Helmes: I have to think about it.  I’ll come back later, see you.

(Music up and fades)

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(Music up and fades Door slams shut)

Helmes: Hey!  Who are you?  I saw you were walking along Robson St. with my wife.  You were holding hands!  I have to know what has happened. I have to know that now!

Benz: I’m Benz, but I have nothing to tell you Helmes.  That is the truth – exactly as you saw it.  Your wife Gucci and I are in love and there is nothing you can do about it.

Helmes: I can’t let it end like this!  (Punch, fighting)

Benz: You wouldn’t dare hit me.

(Music up and fades)

Benz (Screams): I got hurt! I am bleeding.

Helmes: Oh, gosh. Look!  What am I doing?  Benz, are you okay?  I just… I am not serious.

Benz: Unbelievable!  You want to kill me Helmes.

Helmes: No, no.  Benz, it was…just a mistake.  I will take you to the hospital, Benz. I cannot believe my eyes. What’s wrong with me?

(Music up and fades)

Gucci: Why doesn’t my husband come back?  However, it does not matter if he comes back or not.  (Thinks) What is my Benz doing?  I will try to open the door to see his house.  (Door opens, scream, running footsteps, crying)  Benz.  Wake up.  What has happened?  Why is he bleeding?  I cannot believe it, Helmes.  You…you killed Benz!!

Helmes (Stammers):  I…I did…I did not want to kill him.  I just wanted to…to give him some warning.

Gucci (Furious):  I will have to notify this case to the police, Helmes.  There is no other way.

(Phone rings)

Donald:  Hello.  Police Department.  Detective Inspector Donald Mac speaking.  How may I help you?

Gucci (Waving): Hello!  Hello Detective!  My name is Gucci.  There…there has been a murder here.  Could you come here right now?!  We are in room 404 of the Elgin Apartments on 4200 Robson Street in Vancouver.  Hurry!  Please!!!!  My husband Helmes has killed him.  He’s killed Benz!!!  He’s murdered him!!!

(Music up and fades, keys jingle, door opens)

Coach: I’m so tired today. I’m glad I came home early to take a rest.  (Door shuts)  Benz, are you home? Benz?  (Screams)  Oh, my god!  What happened? Benz! Benz!  Can you hear me? What should I do now?

(Knock on door, door opens)

Gucci: Come here.  He’s in here Detective Donald Mac, Sir.  The body’s in here.

Donald: Oh my god!  What has happened here?  It’s such a terrible situation.  Mr. Helmes Bag, your wife, Gucci said that she witnessed you kill Benz in his house. I’ll have to arrest you and take you in.  Come on.  Let’s take a ride downtown.

(Music up and fades, cell door slams shut)

Helmes: Here is a pretty business.  This is not supposed to be happening.  I have to live here for 20 years now.  How could this happen to me?  (Cries)

(Music up and fades)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this episode of Bloody Victims, “Love to Death” by Haruka, SoHyun, Sultan, Henry, and Rie has been brought to you by GalaxyX.  Join us for Bloody Victims’ next tale of suspense for students who don’t want to study…at night.

(Music up and fades)

~ The End ~


Contributed by Haruka, So Hyun, Sultan, Henry, and Rie, Creative English Class Students, ILSC-Vancouver



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