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Tariq and Ryan, University Pathway Students

Tariq and Ryan, University Pathway Students at ILSC-Vancouver

Tariq Alghannam and Ryan Mokhtar are taking the University Pathway Program at ILSC.  Both students are from Saudi Arabia and plan to go to Douglas College, and later transfer into university to finish a Bachelor’s Degree.  We asked them some questions about their experience in the UP program and their future education plans.

Why did you choose to take the University Pathway Program at ILSC?

Ryan: There are many reasons.  Firstly, sometimes people think if they get 6.5 in IELTS they are good enough to get into University or College, but this is not true.  Sometimes there are other skills which help them to participate and work more at university.

Tariq: I chose this program because it lets you get into university or college easily.

Why did you decide to choose Douglas College?

Ryan: I just searched the Internet.  If you get into university first, it’s more stressful so that’s why I chose to go to Douglas first.

Tariq: My friend told me about Douglas College and because of that, I am really curious about Douglas College and I would like to study there.

How has the UP Program prepared you for College or University?

Ryan: I think the teacher, because he studied at UBC, he knows about the strategies of university, and what is required in order to be successful at university.

Tariq: It’s really excellent. I would love if my friends come and see the program, they will like it.

What are your future education and career goals?

Ryan: I plan to go to College, then University.  I will take engineering, but I haven’t decided what type of engineering yet, but likely geological engineering, because of petrol.  Of course Saudi Arabia produces a lot of petrol and they always need engineers.

Tariq: I will be taking Engineering.  I plan to do 1 or 2 years at Douglas then transfer to UBC.  I would like to develop my knowledge about Engineering at Douglas.

What made you decide to attend college or university in a foreign country?

Ryan: First and foremost is English.  Now English has become an international language in the world.  We need English in every career.  English is the most important thing.  If you get education from UBC or Canada, that’s much better than if you get education from your country.

Tariq: First because of English and I would like to learn a lot about the culture in Canada because I heard it is multicultural.  English has become the most significant thing in my life that I can leave with.  I would like to evolve my education in the right way with native speakers.

Like Ryan and Tariq, many students come to ILSC to learn the language with a plan in mind to continue studying at college or university. ILSC had made it easier for students who plan to do so.  Our Pathway Program ensures entry into Canadian and US universities and colleges. Students are able to focus more on learning the language and avoid the extra stress of preparing for the external language tests.

Our Academic preparation program enables students to strengthen their Writing and Reading skills and prepares them for further Academic studies. For students who are still interested in doing the external language tests, our IELTS, TOEFL and Test Preparation programs help students reach the score that they need to enter the university of their choice.

In addition, our students get careful attention and support from our academic counselors and cultural counselors. Our team here in ILSC tries their best to make sure that the students are on the right track to reach whatever they are planning to do after finishing the language courses with us.

Are you interested in applying to university after mastering the language? ILSC would like to help you in that!

Contributed by Abdulkader Mahairi and Wasem Rateb, Middle East Team



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