Playing Sports is better than Video Games

By Chinami Kinoshita

Which do you prefer, playing sports or video games? I prefer playing sports because sports can develop my arm and stomach muscles. When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to a volleyball club. I practiced very hard every day. At that time, I got strong muscles because we had muscle training during practices and I had to do 100 sit-ups almost every day. At that time I wanted to be really fit so even while I was at home after breakfast, I would do 100 sit-ups.

While playing volleyball I really built up strong arm muscles because of my position as “attacker.” Every day I practiced hitting a ball for 2 hours. Then when I did arm wrestling with my girlfriends, I always won. 

Also, playing sports has helped me keep my weight down. When I was young, I had a ferocious appetite. But even if I ate a lot of food or snacks, I didn’t get fat because I played sports everyday. Now, I don’t play sports regularly. If I eat a lot of food like when I was a junior high school student, it’s easy to get fat. Right now, I really want to eat all the food that tempts me, but I can’t. I’m getting fat now since I came to Canada. I have eaten a lot but I don’t play sports. 

Why I think playing video games is bad for me is because I think it damaged my eyes. They became sore when I was a junior high school student. At that time I played video games every day. I couldn’t see the blackboard but before I started playing video games, I could see the board just fine. Also, I didn’t like wearing glasses because I was on the volleyball team and I couldn’t wear them while playing. I’d have to take them off and every time I took them off and put them on again, it would bother my eyes. It made it hard for me to focus. 

Obviously, not everyone agrees with my opinion about video games. That’s why there’s such a huge prosperous gaming industry. My Korean friend, Kongjin Choi is a good example. She says, “I prefer (playing) video games because I don’t like playing sports.” When asked what she likes about the games, she said, “First it’s fun. And sometimes we can feel (a good feeling )like to have a victory, and when we play the video game, I have to complete my game mission so, at that time I have to concentrate.” 

She admits sometimes she likes playing sports. She said, “When playing sports we usually play with friends so it’s very sociable. But now video games can also be sociable because for example, we can play games like “Kung Fu” in pairs. As well, when I visited my cousin in Calgary: my sister, my friend and me and my cousin-in-law played Wii-Fit. My friend and I were on one team and the others competed against us. It was good exercise and we sweated a little bit.” 

Even though we can play sports using video games, I don’t think it’s good for your eyes. So you should go to Gym or outside. Let’s play sports!




  1. baller said:

    sports are way better than video games. plus looking at the blue screen wrecks your eyes

  2. Chase McCormick said:

    I need to disagree with giuls. I play video games and it is more than just “staring at screen.”. I read text that increases my vocabulary. This has helped with my reading skills since elementary school and has helped me communicate with my teachers and friends much easier. Me staring at screen during a video game would be like me staring at paper when I read a book.

  3. Mr.Mysterious said:

    I think playing sport is way better than playing computer games.

  4. David said:

    I agree, sports are better. When I was about 10 or 11, I loved playing video games. I would play for 2-3 hours straight. When I got into middle school, I realized that I was doing nothing with my life. I then signed up for basketball and my life has been great. I’m popular in school, and I’m a great athlete

  5. giuls said:

    She is right, all you do when you play video games is stare at a screen. But when you play sports you actually increase skill and you get fit and healthy.