ILSC gets spooky: 2017 Halloween Costume Contest Slideshow

Take a look our recap of the awesome Halloween costume contest we held across all 9 ILSC locations. We gave out awards for the best group photo, scariest, and most creative costumes – and it was a tough choice! Students from San Francisco to Sydney came out with some pretty amazing (and downright spooky!) costumes

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Arvo, Brolly, and Cuppa: The ABC’s of Australian Lingo

Whether you are studying English in the beautiful city of Brisbane, magnificent Melbourne, or stunning Sydney, you will hear some words that cannot be found on Google Translate. It turns out that Australian English is more than just an accent and as a result, Aussie English can be confusing at first. The term for Australian

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IELTS Band Scores and Other Tests

Recognized by over 3000 institutions and schools internationally, IELTS is the most popular English proficiency test in the world. However, IELTS candidates and other requesting institutions may be more familiar with other major language proficiency tests. In these cases, it’s good to know how a particular IELTS result can be translated into some of the other major assessment frameworks.

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